Image of a construction worker on a lift at a furnish and erect construction site This construction employee is trained in the construction of pre-engineered metal building such as Nucor Steel Building Systems.

Why Fox?

Why should you choose Fox Building for your next construction project? Interesting question.

Image of General Contractor Terry Fox and a member of his Atlanta team on a construction site in 1995.  Fox Building has been a general contractor in the southeastern U.S. since 1985.

You should choose Fox Building for several reasons, but most of them come down to this: At Fox Building we want not only to do things the right way, we want to do the right thing. Every time, without exception.

What makes Fox stand out is how we relate to the people we do business with. Yes, that starts with our customers, but it also includes our suppliers as well as the professionals and craftsmen we work with. We understand how important it is to have teamwork on the job site, and you build those teams by doing things the right way.

That's how Terry Fox started the company back in 1985. It is how we have handled every one of the more than 700 projects we completed — and we have successfully completed every single project we started. It's how we will handle your project, with our accumulated experience and expertise, a special attention to detail, a process that can help you solidify your budget early in the planning stages, and an ongoing commitment to treat your project as if it were our own.

Are you or your company considering a non-residential construction project? Let us show you how Fox Building can turn your plans and needs into a durable building you will be proud to own.